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Something’s just clicked!

January 14, 2015
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Last we talked about how to beat overwhelm 

It’s okay me giving out good advice to help you, but sometimes it’s hard to practice what I preach.

I named 2014 as my ‘Big Adventure’.  I planned out the major things I wanted/needed to do in both my business and private life and I achieved them – we’ll talk about them over the next few newsletters.  2015 has been named my ‘Bigger Adventure’. I know what I want to do, I know what I have to do and then I stopped and thought to myself “how the hell am I going to get there?”

I thought about what could stop me achieving my goals and one of the major factors is time… or should I say lack of time


Then something just clicked that has made life A LOT easier. It’s simple yet hard to do.

And here it is…

I blocked out certain parts of the day and week for specific tasks

“Is that it?” you might be saying right now.  Well, yes it is.  Try it.  Just try it for a week, then try it for a month because I can promise you, sticking to it is not as easy as it seems. Other things will take priority.  What you need to do is train yourself to stick to a schedule and stop butterflying (flitting from one task to another). All I can tell you is it really does work.  Having a schedule (just like a college timetable) enables you to be more focused and get through a lot more AND, importantly, give you some time to work on your own business.

Here’s a template of a Work Schedule  in word which you can use to plan your own

Looking at the schedule you will note that every morning there are 90 minutes booked out as marketing.  That’s marketing for your business!  That’s the time to write newsletters, schedule  tweets and Facebook posts, plan your business. 90 minutes everyday.  It’s amazing what you can achieve in that time and it doesn’t have to be at the beginning of the day when you do this.  You may work better at the end of the day. Just plan it in!

White space (free time) is time between tasks. Sometimes I use it when I need a run over from one task to another but it’s important to book white space in.

I have a project ongoing at the moment which I have tasked myself to finish by the end of June.  I’ve booked it in my schedule because if I don’t, it will never get done. Similarly with my exercise classes – booked firmly in my schedule (see example) because that’s an easy one to not do ‘because I don’t have time’.

Note the weekends are free.  I’ll be honest, I do sometimes use Saturdays if I am particularly busy BUT, I do leave Sundays as ‘me’ time.  Regardless.

Just a point to note – don’t beat yourself up if you don’t stick to your schedule now and again – some things in life really do just take over.  But with that in mind, it’s no excuse to re-start butterflying all over the place again either!

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