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‘How To’ Videos

March 24, 2015
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We get asked a lot by clients and members of the public “I’m stuck! Do you know how to…?” So here’s a rescue page that will save you hours of trying to work out what to do.

We know you’re short of time, so most of these videos are less than 2 minutes long.

Word 2010 – Change margins from centimetres to inches

When you initially install Word, the margin measurements are metric. This video shows you how to change them to imperial – CLICK HERE for video.

Word 2010 – Insert a document file path

If you can never find a document you have saved on your computer, this one’s for you!  This will save you HOURS – CLICK HERE  for video

Word 2010 – Inserting a table

Tables are great for all sorts of uses. You’ll be able to insert one as soon as you’ve watched this very short video – CLICK HERE for video

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