Did you know you can print Kindle books? Here’s how!


Did you know you can print Kindle books? Here’s how!

February 11, 2015
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Printing Kindle books

I’m doing quite a lot of reading at the moment.  I’ve bought 9 books in the last fortnight, a couple of autobiographies and the rest are a mixture of business and psychology.  Here are the ones I’ve read so far:

When I buy business books I love to underline or highlight sentences and specific words and stick loads of post-it notes on pages to refer back to, so I’ve always steered away from buying Kindle versions, even though they can be much, much cheaper than a paperback. Imagine my delight when I discovered a really cool eBook convertor software programme.  It now means I can download Kindle books to my PC, print them off in .pdf format and scrawl all over them, guilt free! (When I was growing up it was frowned upon in our house if you so much as put a pencil anywhere near a book.)

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