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Social Media

March 11, 2015
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We’ll help you with your social media

We always say start simple.  You don’t have to rush out and join every social network going.  We can get you started with a Facebook page and posts on Twitter. Let us know what you want to say and let leave us to say it. We’ll schedule your tweets, post your Facebook comments and if you do have a LinkedIn profile, we can update it for you. We can even export your LinkedIn connections to an Excel spreadsheet.


Why Social Media

Almost everyone uses some type of social media. It can really pay off for your business if you use it correctly. Through social media, your business can not only make money, but it can increase the satisfaction of its customers, create fans, and improve the reputation of your company. It can work well for you if you select the medium that works best and is the most suited for your company.

If you’re new to social media or still not very clear what it is and how your business can benefit from it and want to get started TODAY, grab your FREE report ‘9 Best Kept Secrets to Successful Social Media’.  

Don’t think social media is easy and a quick fix. A lot of companies believe that when they start using social media, they’ll immediately begin to see a huge return on their efforts and their investment. It doesn’t work like that. You need to remember that it takes time for you to build your following, and you may not always see the results you like, and they definitely won’t be immediately. You can sometimes, however, find benefits you didn’t even realise you would get from your social media marketing.


7 Reasons why you should be using social media in your business

  • Traffic generation – Social media can increase your traffic to your website. When you get them to your site, you have a chance to make them want to take action such as join your mailing list, buying something you have to offer, retain you for their services, etc.
  • Competitive advantage – If you don’t participate in social media, you’re giving that advantage to your competitor who does.
  • Brand-building tool – Brand recognition allows you to use social media to determine how you want your company to be positioned, and what you tell people about what your business does.
  • Cultivating a community – Social media is all about relationships, and it is a great way for your business to cultivate a community.
  • Exposure – It has been said that before a customer decides to buy from you, they need to be exposed to you six to eight times.  Through social media, you can get a lot of repeat exposure.
  • Establish authority – If you want to establish that you are an authority in any given area or on any subject, social media can be a great way to help you do it.
  • Growth of influence – You can attract new customers, have media interviews, and create Joint Venture partnerships, etc. if you have a substantial social media audience.


Want more social media freebies? Hop over to our download page


For more information about how we can help you with your social media call Pat on 01729 840441 or email

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