Email Marketing and Social Media


Email Marketing and Social Media

February 2, 2017
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Why Email Marketing and Social Media Really Does Works

Did you know that Twitter is nearly 11 years old, Facebook is around 13 years and WordPress about 14 years?  There is a generation out there that have never known life without it.  Still I come across many small businesses that have not embraced any of these social media platforms.  Lack of time, understanding and a resistance to stay exactly where they are appears to be some of the common factors of non-engagement.  Composing and sending e-newsletters is another opportunity missed by many too. The main reason for that I think is lack content.  A lot of people just don’t know what to write.

I have a mixture of clients on either side of the fence when it comes to email marketing and social media.  Some use it daily, some use it weekly, some use it on an ad-hoc basis (generally when they can fit it in) and others just steer completely away from any of it.

Last year I put together a marketing plan for a client. Although they felt the need to have some sort of social media presence I think they were not quite clear as to why. They were also a little bit sceptical that any results would come from it.

But results they received.

By sending out regular emails directly to their client base, sculpting tweets and Facebook posts relevant to their audience, and posting at times of the day when I knew they had a better chance of being opened, they have had a great response to their campaign.  They now have people on board that would never have even given a second thought to be involved.  Part of the campaign also meant me picking up the phone and talking to prospects – something not everyone enjoys doing, especially common in sole traders and small companies.  I find this is always easier to do when I’m doing it for someone else.

There are points that need to be considered when putting a marketing plan together which I’ll cover next time. In the meantime, how is your marketing plan?  Have you got one?

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