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The ONE Thing that is guaranteed to help you

January 21, 2015
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I am always trying to find better ways of working which I can pass on to my clients to help them get more out of their day.  There are loads of resources out there in the forms of books and masterclasses, some which are really expensive.  As a small business owner I know that I want to choose wisely when I’m spending my money.  And in my experience, expensive doesn’t necessarily mean great results.  Not one thing works for everyone.


I’ve just found a great little resource I think could help you enormously. And it is one thing… quite literally.

After I survived the 2004 tsunami, life considerably changed for me and one of the things that has happened, even 10 years on, is that I try to cram as much as I can into every day, simply because it could be my last.

The point is, I sometimes set myself ridiculous goals and feel frustrated when I don’t achieve them.

This little resource has been a great help.

It’s a book by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan called ‘The ONE Thing’.

It’s an easy read, has short chapters and has already started making life easier for me. If you want fewer distractions and less on your plate (yes please!) but want more productivity, more income and more satisfaction, I believe this could be your starting point.  At £6.29 for a paperback copy, cheaper for Kindle, it won’t break the bank either.  I would recommend this book as one you should read as part of your continuous development plan, and a great kick start to 2015.

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